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Discover the passionate team behind our Croatia travel agency, committed to curating unforgettable travel adventures for people around the world since 2015.

Hello there, I'm Ava, the manager at our lovely Croatia travel agency.

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve relished spreading our love for travel and exploration. We’ve witnessed the way travels can transform lives and illuminate spirits, and we’re committed to helping our clients live these transformative moments, especially when they are unveiling the magic of countries we hold close to our hearts.

Croatia is one such country. Nestled by the Adriatic Sea, it’s a land where history converses with modernity, and natural beauty stands unblemished, evoking awe at every corner.

Schöne Stadt Vrbnik, Insel Krk, Kroatien, Luftaufnahme

Picture this: ancient Roman ruins whispering tales of yore, charming cobblestone streets leading to cozy eateries serving gastronomical delights, and beaches where pebbles and sand perform a symphony under your feet. 

Or imagine being lost in the lush wilderness of concealed national parks, embarking on an island-hopping trip, or perhaps, finding your heart race on an unexpected adventure. That’s Croatia for you, a gem that refuses to fit into any box.

But here’s the thing, our Croatia travel agency didn’t want anyone to miss out on such beauty and rich experiences. Nor did we want them to feel overwhelmed by where to begin or what to explore. That’s where we come in, to bring Croatia closer to you, to shed light on its hidden wonders, and to ensure that you experience it in the most authentic way possible.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of seasoned travel professionals who, honestly, know Croatia like the back of their hands. We’ve ventured, we’ve explored, we’ve been mesmerized, and we’ve returned, only to set out again. Our love for travel and our experiences equip us to understand the expectations and aspirations of an avid traveler.

Omis Seilbahn

What do we do? We meticulously craft detailed itineraries that resonate with your preferences, secure comfortable accommodations, organize adrenaline-pumping activities, arrange seamless transfers, and provide round-the-clock support. In essence, we shoulder all your travel logistics so you can dive headfirst into the Croatian experience without any worries.

Embark on a Croatian Adventure

It’s time to stow away your map and let your heart lead the way. Okay, perhaps keep the map; it’s always handy. But remember, there’s so much more to discover off the grid! Our carefully curated Croatia tours are waiting for you, ready to unfold a story of adventure, culture, and beauty bound to enthrall you.

Allow us to pop the question: Will you take Croatia to be your beloved travel destination? Rest assured, it’s the kind of commitment that comes with stunning beaches, delightful cuisine, ancient cities, and unforgettable adventures!

Junge Frau blickt auf die Wasserfälle des Flusses Krka im Krka-Nationalpark in Kroatien

So, head over to Kroatien-Urlaubspakete, take a gander, and let us start planning the trip of a lifetime together. After all, isn’t it about time you crossed off ‘Falling in love with Croatia’ on your bucket list? We think so too! Fill out our Anfrageformular, and see you soon in the land of a thousand islands!

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